Projects are always individual and tailored to meet customers specified needs. Our assignments relate particularly on financing area of business, development of business and software systems with various types of customers.

We cooperate actively with international organizations and partners. Membership of MasterCard International’s MasterCard Vendor Program enables us also to participate in their unique MasterCard Academy education program. That maintains and builds up our steady know-how and developing in this narrow and special area of business.

Our way of action and strong know-how together with long-term and wide experience of business area profit all our customers.


Some accomplished projects:
Money Market Dealing Systems
Customer Loan and Mortgages Systems
Receivables Account Systems
Retail Banking Systems
General Ledger Systems
ATM and CAT Host and Keyman Systems
SST Monitoring and Management Systems
EftPOS Management and Host Systems
Issuing Systems
Acquiring Systems
Customer Loyalty Systems
Clearing and Settlement Systems
On-line Transaction Processing Systems
Transaction Switching Systems
Interfaces for Payment Systems
Payment Gateway Systems
Card Management System
Self-Service Host Systems
Card Personalization Systems
PIN and Key Management Systems
Micro-Banking and WEB-Banking Systems
Security Systems for Banking and Card services
Mobile Payment Systems
Definitions for EMV POS System
Data communication and security systems
User Authentication and sing-on systems
PCI DSS gap analysis and PCI projects
System and Business Development projects